• Geduld Primary School

Geduld Primary School

In 1956 Hans Jossop started the first Rhynische Primary School in Grünau at the missionary premises.

In 1975 a government school was started in the pre-fabricated buildings with Mr M Witbooi as the first headmaster.

In 1984 the “Nama Verteenwoordigende Owerheid” bought the existing buildings of the previous white school from Christo Swartz when the school moved to new premises. This old school was renovated in 1990.

There are about 120 children from grade 1 to 7 in the school. The Evangelic Lutheren Church accommodate about 50 kids, coming from the surrounding farms, in their hostel.

Only a small percentage of the local community have jobs and is working. The parents are mostly poor. The school have to provide food to about a third of their pupils.

Except for donations for food, the school also need goods like stationary, textbooks, mathematic sets, educational equipment, a library and books, chairs for the schoolhall, first aid box, sport equipment and sportwear, computer, fax machine, TV and video/DVD recorder, needlework equipment like sewing machines, irons and ironing boards, and material for sewing. Repairs to the toilet system is necessary - a 2500 liter watertank is urgently needed.

Geduld Primary School will really appreciate any type of donation. Their Bankaccount is: Geduld Primary School, Bank Windhoek Cheque Account no 1040937902, Karasburg branch code 481271.

You can contact them at the following address: The Headmaster, P.O. Box 32, GRÜNAU, Tel. no. 063-262024

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